Okay, so Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t on Empire’s list but I thought that I should share my opinion of the film anyway. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while.

As I’m writing this, Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do – which features in the film – is playing. I actually really like this song. The soundtrack is pretty decent.

Anyway, back to the movie. When the news was first released that they were going to make Fifty Shades into a film I vowed that I would never, ever go see it, or read the books. I also didn’t get what people saw in Jamie Dornan. Fast forward to February 13 2015 and the movie being released here in the UK. Coincidentally, February 13 is also my Birthday.

My flatmates were all going to see the film that day but because I was traveling home I couldn’t go with them. My friend and I made plans to go see the film on the Sunday and I was actually pretty excited to go. I’d read loads of reviews and wanted to see what all the fuss was about, to see if it was actually any good. I also decided I would start reading the books too…

Sunday evening came, the trailers started and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.

I came out of the cinema not really sure about my feelings for the film. I know the couple who were sat next to us were engaged in an argument during the middle of the movie. Who knows what they were arguing about?! I mean, yeah, I guess I kind of enjoyed it but it wasn’t an amazing film.

Overall though I just found the movie a bit tame. For something that was around two hours long it needed to be spiced up a little bit. I mean I did enjoy it but the film was a bit vague, nothing like the book and all in all a bit tame. Obviously the sex scenes had to be suitable for screen which is the reason for it seeming like this. The story just felt a bit too ‘loose’ as well, it’s difficult to describe but it was like the movie didn’t really have any depth to it. The plot was brought to a very basic level.

But I think that’s where the problem lies. Fifty Shades needed to be a commercial success. It is taking a topic that has to be shown via sex. The only way around it is by cutting some scenes from the book out of the film. Could the book be turned into a mainstream film that still kept all of the sex scenes? In a way the book and the film can’t really be compared – it is like they are both completely separate stories.

I definitely understand what people see in Jamie Dornan now though. After seeing him in The Fall on BBC I kind of fell a little in love with him as an actor (oops?) but he is also very attractive. Much better with a beard though! He played the part well and so did Dakota (who is super pretty!) which i guess made the film a bit better.

I wanted it to be more than it was, yet it made me – and the rest of the audience – laugh at times which I really hope was deliberate. It didn’t blow me away but I would probably watch it again. It was always going to be a tough movie to make. Is Jamie Dornan everyone’s idea of Mr Grey though?

13 thoughts on “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015)

  1. I too went too see this just because I wanted to know what the big brouhaha was about. Have to admit, not worth the time.
    Good review though. Keep posting.

    P.S. Thanks for the follow 🙂


  2. Didn’t see it. Didn’t want to. Too much hype. As for taming it down for cinema there are ways to amke a good story sexy and still suitable. Look what they did with films like Last Tango in Paris in the 70’s or Love Story, even 91/2 weeks. With the advent of huge hoopla over such weak scripts like this and even(forgive me teen women everywhere) Twilight, I wonder that any really good quality sensual film will even have an apprecaiative audience.

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  3. I look forward to more of your reviews. I admit I have become a bit jaded over time and my youngest son is involved in the film industry which, contrary to what one might think, only increases the tendency to scrutinize. But we saw every Harry Potter film together as he was growing up and we still try to see films together now and again. Nowadays I judge how much I like a film by how lost I become in it without wondering where the real location is or whose house was bargained for to use in the film. Haha. The most recent one I can recall was Malificent. Oh you should try to find an older film called Firelight. That was an unexpectedly good one.

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    1. Thank you, it mans a lot. Oh I know what you mean, I know people involved in the film industry too and that’s exactly the same problem I have! I’m going back home to see my parents soon and I think a film night is on the cards, which will be nice. Haha, I actually struggle to sit still so I know that if I can sit still for however long the film is and still stay interested then, for me, it’s a good one. Ooh, I’ll have a look into that! Thanks for the advice.

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